Alexa Leigh - A ball obsessed Gemini

Alexa Leigh - A ball obsessed Gemini

Image courtesy of @alexaleigh

Some women were born to multitask. Ask Alexa Leigh - it’s in her nature, but motherhood has taken that skill to the next level. Here she shares how lifestyle transitions birthed a new collection in her namesake jewelry line.

You are one mother of a...?  

One mother of a multitasker 

How'd you become that way? 

I am a Gemini so I've always loved to multitask, but becoming a mother makes you take it to the next level. These days you can find me with a kid on my lap, on the phone with someone from the Alexa Leigh team, working on a new design while helping my child color, and cooking a baby in my belly. Being pregnant counts as a task too, right? 

We hear you're ball obsessed. How/why did that design element make its way into your jewelry collection? And speaking of balls, how do you juggle them all as an entrepreneur, brand founder and mother? 

I started on the ball collection when my personal lifestyle started transitioning away from fine jewelry. Playing tackle soccer with my toddler wasn't conducive to my delicate chain necklaces and bracelets. I needed jewelry I could put on and never take off whether I was sleeping, sweating, running around with my kids or going out to dinner with my friends. The ball collection was created to be just that! It stretches, looks great with any outfit, and is comfortable enough to sleep in. 

I try not to take the juggle of work life balance too seriously. I feel lucky to have my own business where I can create my own hours to revolve around my kids’ schedules. I don't cross everything off my to do list everyday but I only get one shot to raise my kids and they are my first priority. There's always tomorrow. 

There are simple things that can make us feel that much more successful at the multitasking efforts part of our everyday life. From our classic button down Oxford shirt to Alexa Leigh’s Ball Collection, both items designed to withstand the demands of busy life, making them practical options for our oftentimes messy life. 

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