Anabella Veress -  Co-Founder of Glow Portraits on Dressing to be Undressed

Sophie Veress - Co-Founder of Glow Portraits on Dressing to be Undressed

Glow Portraits is a premier photography studio in NYC.  We caught up with Sophie, Glow Portraits Co-Founder and photographer on capturing maternity portraits that are beautiful, intimate and emotional. We learned that "baring it all" means so many different things and that in many ways it all comes down to the underwear they do (or don't) wear. 


- How has "baring it all" changed in the years that you've been photographing?

The growing trend of celebrities baring it all during pregnancy has empowered women to celebrate their bodies.  Clients are also finding lots of inspiration from mama influencers on social media.  While women used to hide their growing bellies, they are now eager to flaunt their curves and truly embrace the miracle of motherhood.


- What is it about social media that you feel has led women to feel more comfortable to "bare it all" both physically, and in sharing postpartum realness?

I think celebrities have started the trend with magazine covers and features that show off their bodies in the late stages of pregnancy.  Soon after social media influencers joined the trend, and now it’s a beautiful world where all women can feel proud to show off their curves during the most magical time in their lives.


- You work with a diverse spectrum of women in a very intimate fashion. What are some of the garments you notice lead them to feel the most confident during your shoots?

Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman's life, and the perfect opportunity to embrace the beautiful curves of motherhood.  Clothing is a key element for timeless maternity portraits.  An empire waist gown or well-fitted bodysuit is perfect to capture more conservative concepts.  Rich textures, lace accents, and subtle embellishments add dimension.  Silks can be draped tastefully, wrapped around as a skirt or dress, or even stretched behind for a truly breathtaking effect.  Lacy lingerie in nude, cream or black are the most classic option for intimate concepts and sultry silhouettes.  Calvin Klein underwear with distressed jeans is a popular favorite among mamas-to-be who prefer a more casual look. 


- What do you notice is the most important quality of an undergarment that a mom-to-be chooses to wear for a photograph?

We encourage mamas to update their undergarments to fit their enhanced curves in the final weeks of pregnancy.  Comfort is essential to allow for a variety of poses  - whether standing, kneeling, sitting, or laying down.  There is plenty of discomfort in the final weeks of pregnancy, and hormones are raging.  The last thing any mama should experience during a maternity session is the distraction of lingerie that feels painfully tight.  A flattering set of bra and underwear offers coverage and support beneath styles, and also photographs beautifully when worn alone for more intimate concepts. 


- Are there any companies (past or present) that you feel have nailed the garments provided to pregnant and postpartum women? 

We usually recommend Motherhood Maternity and Seraphine for postpartum lingerie that is comfortable and convenient for breastfeeding.  As for maternity shoots, clients generally prefer Victoria’s Secret or Agent Provocateur in a larger size for their enhanced curves.  


- When you're sourcing pieces to keep in the studio, what do you look for first and foremost as a woman?

We offer a full wardrobe in our studio with maternity gowns, silk kimonos, lace robes, bodysuits, and crop tops.  We favor creams, neutrals and soft colors that are flattering to a wide range of skin tones.  We select pieces that accentuate a woman's curves without distracting from her natural beauty.  Soft fabrics, luxurious silks, lacy textures and scalloped edges ensure that every mama feels like a goddess. 

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