Carolina Gunnarsson Founder of FPC on Strength from the Inside Out

Carolina Gunnarsson Founder of FPC on Strength from the Inside Out


- How do you define strength?

Strength to me is waking up every morning with optimism no matter where the rest of the world is at. I created FPC because I believe that mothers are stronger together and with each other's support, we can do anything (in the current climate, anything literally means KEEP GOING). 


- What keeps you strong? 

My incredible employees and instructors who are literally giving it all even during these trying times and no matter what crazy ideas I come up with in the middle of the night. And if you're asking about how I'm staying physically strong, I would have to attribute that to my super strong Pump & Kegel ;) 


- How has your mental/physical/spiritual strength helped you during Covid-19? 

My physical strength has enabled me to be my three kids' PE teacher and to play the monster in "monster tag" My mental strength is keeping me on track so I stay motivated even on days when I feel like I just want to drink a bottle of mezcal and go back to bed. 


- What is one activity that you believe can help keep anyone "strong" (even if strength here is different than your above definition)? 

My friends already know this but I am the least spiritual person in the wellness world so this is going to sound weird but for me it is journaling and giving myself 15 minutes to just myself and my coffee in the morning before the rest of the house wakes up. This gives me clarity and a mental strength that is hard to describe. It is either that or socially distanced hangouts with best friends. Zoom has been a lifesaver! 

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