A passion for collaboration is key when it comes to creating something. That project or idea also becomes part of our lives. This rings true for Dana, the woman responsible for one of Mother Oxford’s key design details.

Dana is another incredible female partner that we’re proud to celebrate. Not only has she been the first female to hold a managerial role at her company since 1995 (#GIRLPOWER), she lives and breathes design. From the button art in her office and styling herself with flair, Dana is extremely creative and collaborative. She helped us bring our button dreams to life. 

Together, we took a look through history and brought button styles out of the vaults to work on finding the perfect color of smoke. Her partnership makes us feel like part of her family, just as she is part of ours. And, it’s through the product that we’ve created together that the community you’re also a part of exists.

Take a minute to get to know Dana. 


Any information you'd like to share about yourself?

I  have been married to my soul mate, Todd for nearly 20 years. Together we are raising two teenage daughters, Stella Hope & Sydney Faith with our Labradoodle Holly. I love to create; relationships, recipes, memories & positivity. My favorite place on earth is the beach (I was born a mermaid), but New York City is where I went to college and fell in love with fashion.

At 55, I am still learning to embrace all the messy challenges that I encounter in life, and hope to set a good example to my girls to do the same. 

Career : Title / How long have you been working in this industry?

I have been working in the garment center for 35 years! My current position as Vice President of Sales & Merchandising with Emsig Manufacturing Corporation has been a 25 year journey. Ten years prior to joining Emsig, I was fortunate to experience a variety of sales/merchandising/marketing positions. Each position was  an opportunity to learn more about the business, and help me to find my niche.

Women make up a large percentage of those working in the fashion industry, yet we still hold a small portion of the top leadership roles. This is changing, though. Have you felt any industry shifts, and how have you found working in a largely female industry all these years?

In my experience, most leadership roles were filled by men - I had only one female boss; she and I totally clashed. I would love to have had a female mentor over the years.  As my career evolved into a managerial  role, I was committed to change that experience for the females on my team.  My roots in the garment center came from a place of male dominance, I do not see that as the case any longer…there is a new generation of smart, progressive, savvy females leading the way.

Any favorite moments you've had working with women?

Meeting Lydia & her team has been a refreshing experience on all levels!  She & the Mother Oxford team are truly on to something special!

What are your hopes for women in the coming years and generations?

My hope is that women are encouraged to be true to themselves, to follow our dreams, and know that we can make a difference!