History Lesson - Trends come and go, but the classics live on

History Lesson - Trends come and go, but the classics live on

If you're an art historian or a literary scholar, chances are you've pondered and realized what makes the classics relevant today. Our history has been passed down through the arts. New perspective is gained when reading Miguel de Cervante's Don Quixote, or while gazing at da Vinci and Pollock. 

If you're a fashion historian you've most likely delved into the historical and social context of clothing. But for the rest of us, there's nothing like a history lesson to spark your interest!

The oldest preserved shirt similar to how we know it today dates back to 3,000 BC (Egypt). Since then, fashion historians have noted the shirt's evolution as a garment, as well as its acceptance as a piece of womenswear. In Ancient Roman times and typically found in a man's wardrobe, shirts were first designed as undergarments and not to be seen. Until the end of the 19th century, a white shirt was considered gentlemanly and a sign of prosperity.

It wasn't until the 1400s that the shirt itself began to have an identity. And, women at that time found a way to leverage this fashion choice as an expression of their identity.

During the growing movement toward female empowerment, menswear inspired pieces like the Oxford became everyday staples for the everyday woman. It took until the 70s for menswear inspired womenswear to not be considered a political statement but a functional part of a woman’s wardrobe.

Enter Mother Oxford. We have adapted this piece that has existed through history for the Contemporary woman of 2020 and beyond. Using fabric developed in France, we've taken it from a business casual piece to a versatile, year round wardrobe staple, regardless of profession.

Our fabric has technology built into the yarns that make it hydrophobic and able to repel liquids while remaining breathable to avoid those sweat rings we all hate so much. Our beautiful cotton also gives the hand feel & comfort we look for in an everyday garment, along with a luxe sheen to add just the right touch of polish. 

We're not maternity, and we're not postpartum. We're Performance Wear for Motherhood™. What's that mean? To start, we're designed and lovingly produced by women who also happen to be mothers. That means we've experienced the life, style and body changes that happen over time and have adapted this classic piece for flexibility.