Madison Rae Fashion Blogger and Mom

Madison Rae - The Birth of a New Wardrobe

There is no doubt that every woman has a busy life. Especially when you add to the mix a toddler, spouse, 3 dogs, and another baby OTW. How does one leverage fashion to feel her best? We noticed mother and influencer Madison Rae had a fondness for white oxfords, and had to learn more about how they fit into her wardrobe and life.


What is it about an Oxford shirt that you think makes it an essential?

After my daughter Everly was born, I decided to change my entire wardrobe to a less is more approach.  I wanted timeless, neutral pieces that I could wear over and over again. I don't think there is anything more timeless or versatile than a white oxford shirt.  You can dress it up with a pair of tan trousers, or throw it over your bathing suit for a day at the beach. 

How had the shirting in your wardrobe evolved from before baby to first time mom?

The only thing that really changed for me was making sure I had easy access for nursing.  I breastfed Everly for 17 months so making sure I could access the goods easily was a huge consideration for me when getting dressed. 

What would you do/are you doing to evolve the white shirt look for your second?

I'm really excited to just style it with my bump and some biker shorts.  Typically, I would tie it up or tuck it in, but I am going to embrace the length and let my bump shine through! As soon as this baby is out of me it's back to the tie up look! 

Madison Rae said it best, “because when we feel our best we can be our best,” and continues to offer up all her tips despite a busy life. Follow her @themadisonrae for more fashion, healthy living and real motherhood inspiration.