Pauline - Fashiontech Female

Pauline - Fashiontech Female

Mother Oxford is dedicated to working with savvy women across the globe. And, this collaboration is a passion for all of the women that are working together on Mother Oxford. That excitement is clear from the start, and meeting Pauline was no exception. 

Pauline took our vision seriously and allowed us to launch with small minimums and really test out how our product would benefit women. There’s sort of a transatlantic support network we got when we started working with her and that’s allowed us to take bigger risks

Pauline is a true entrepreneur. She launched her first project at age 12 - a junior association, supported by the WWF, to raise awareness around endangered species. She then achieved her dream of launching her own business at 25 and has been building her company ever since.

Any information you'd like to share about yourself?

No pets, no family, no interests beside work!

More seriously, I have a husband but no kid. My mom was a teacher and my Dad is disabled. This made me want nothing more in life than to live the life he couldn't.  I have been crazy about horseback riding and dancing my entire life, but I had to stop to dedicate myself 100% to work. I love my job in fashion so much that not only is it my job but also my associative contribution (I am treasurer for the association The FashionTech in Paris).

I have had 2 distinctions. I was voted amongst the 100 most influential women in Fashiontech worldwide and one of the "economic leaders of the future" in the North of France.

Note that I did not apply for those awards. I just discovered I was selected!

Career : Title / how long have you been working in this industry

General Manager / 6 years


Women make up a large percentage of those working in the fashion industry, yet we still hold a small portion of the top leadership roles. This is changing, though. Have you felt any industry shifts, and how have you found working in a largely female industry all these years?

The above awards are the proof the media wants to dedicate more coverage to women. The second award featured 50/50 male and female. 

But for me the main point is that things are changing in Fashion thanks to Fashiontech. THIS is an entire new segment of fashion and it is not already trusted by men. So we have room to enter and build this new economic sector with our own rules.


Any favorite moments you've had working with women?

My best moments were with you [Mother Oxford], Regina and Alexia. Both are leading their own company (Alexia is leading hers with her mother).

Regina has been supporting me from the very beginning. We started our businesses pretty much at the same time. We went to every fair together, promoted each other. Every time we would be invited as guest speakers for a conference we would recommend the other person. She is incredibly strong, kind and smart.

Alexia has also been my rock. Her company is much older and she is running it alongside her mum. She has helped me in so many ways.

They are true friends.


What are your hopes for women in the coming years and generations?

To not even remember we ever had to fight to be equals.