Queena Yan - Queen of Style and MO's Stylist

Our stylist, Queena Yan shared what the term "essential" means to your closet, and some serious styling tips to keep your wardrobe looking fresh.


How can simplicity be powerful?

Simplicity is powerful because less is more. When you dress to go out, remember who you are.  Pressed garments create a good, tidy representation. When you present yourself to others, it is a direct feng shui to show to the world. How you dress is how people view you. 


What is your number one style do/must have?

Everyone should have a white button down shirt they love and can throw on with any outfit. To me, a white button down represents confident, and when I wear it I carry that fresh and confident energy with me. 


Can you give an example of how Mother Oxford could be styled for a corporate meeting or a high profile interview so that it looks modern and powerful? 

I would have the shirt tucked into a pair of trousers and the first and second button unbuttoned, finished with a pair of pumps. Trousers can help elongate as opposed to a piece like a pencil skirt (it can sometimes make you look shorter than you are).


What is your go-to "power suit?" 

“Power suit” is a metaphor for the energy you bring, and your clothes help you project that. And, wearing clothes that fit you (both your body and energy) is a must. As a stylist, I don't go into meetings or offices in suits.  I need a good fitting pair of jeans with no rips, and a good button down like MO or a pressed cotton T-shirt. A good pair of heeled or flat boots and a clean overcoat are also key.


What are 4 other essential pieces (in addition to a Mother Oxford) that would set up a woman's closet for style success (whether she's pregnant, a new mom, a working mom, or a part-time caregiver)?

A good coat/Jacket/blazer

A good pant suit/skirt suit

A good pair of jeans 

A good pair of boots/heels/sneakers/flats (whichever fits your lifestyle)


What are some of your must have accessories? 

Accessories are always the last touch for an outfit - sometimes too many accessories takes away from the outfit.  My go to accessories for most of my outfits are jewelry and a good cross-body bag or a waist belt bag. 


I have 2 sets of hoops, rings, a necklace and a bracelet in silver and gold. Hoops are a must no matter the size - they make a dash to your outfit. Rings and necklaces should be dainty and settle. It's OK to go bold chain link or dainty when it comes to a bracelet. 


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Having style and knowing how to style can turn any piece from normal to something incredible. Fun fact: Queena helped us style Mother Oxford for our launch photoshoot, in the midst of a pandemic, sans models. She expertly layered to show both simplicity and versatility through still lifes. Queena’s favorite style she created with Mother Oxford was turning it into a skirt. She believes you should wear it however you want - clothes should make you feel comfortable AND confident!