Ravelle Worthington - It takes a village

Ravelle Worthington - It takes a village

Ravelle Worthington is the CEO & Founder of Mommy Brain, a community serving as a judgement-free village of support for women, regardless of the state of motherhood. She's a mother to three kids ages 6 and under and fully embraces finding balance, even though it may be different every day. 

Give us a brief look at what a day in the life of Ravelle looks like!

Whew. Each day is different and I never quite know which version of my children I'm going to get!

It's important for me to carve out time for myself each morning to move my body. I usually wake up around 5am to get a workout in, while my kids are still sleeping. Once they wake up though the juggle is on for my husband and I as we get everyone fed, dressed, and ready for school. The Mommy Brain team is fully remote, so now that my oldest two are back to in-person learning at school, I've got clearer lines of work/home life.  

It does take a village! What is it about the digital network of Mommy Brain that is resonating with its users?

Mommy Brain provides mothers with authentic and judgement-free support -- you can share an experience or ask questions, and know that you won't be criticized or feel shame for it. Women are able to connect with a diverse community, including our team of therapists and parenting specialists. Here at Mommy Brain we're helping mamas to not feel so alone, while also providing the tools to work through the ups and downs of life. We’re the village every mom needs, regardless of the stage of motherhood.

We love that your community’s conversations address not just the struggles of motherhood, but also solutions. There’s so much value in practical support like that. How do you keep it honest, but positive? Real, but optimistic?

Thank you! You know a core need we all have as humans is to be heard and seen. We've cultivated a community at Mommy Brain that both validates the feelings and experiences of our members, while providing resources to navigate their relationships with others and themselves.

How do you avoid getting trapped into the feeling of, "work like they don’t have children, and raise children like they don’t work?"

There's this idea of "balance" that gets pushed on us -- that we can and should be giving 50/50 to work/career and children/home. But that's not realistic, and striving for this is how we get burnt out. I try to give myself lots of grace in the moments I don't get it right, while reminding myself that there are days that call for me to be all in at work and others that are focused on my family. 


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