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#selfcaresunday Everyday

We've probably all heard of #selfcaresunday, but let's be real - what's on Instagram isn't always reality. I struggled (and still do) with the idea of self-care, but there are little ways to weave these rituals into your life to give yourself those few minutes of solace. 

  • Keep your routine - Worried you’re stuck in the WFH rut? Don’t skip what your normal used to be. Get up, get dressed, and get to work (even if that first shift is with the baby). What makes it easier? A wardrobe staple that allows you to easily transition between meals and meetings. Enter Mother Oxford, the classic crisp white Oxford that’s spill friendly and made with the challenges of motherhood in mind. Perfect with your other WFH wardrobe staples, be it black leggings and sneakers or a pencil skirt and heels. (link to purchase)

  • Indulge - Find a face cream, body butter or lip mask that you looove. When you put it on, it should make you feel like the million dollars you’re worth. It doesn’t need to be expensive - just something that feels like a treat. Putting one (or all of these) products on takes less than 5 minutes. Say a mantra to refocus on yourself. “I am the sky, the rest is just weather.” Did we mention your Mother Oxford is perfect open over your PJs or paired with shorts? Get comfy! Here are some of the Mother Oxford team’s favorites:

Lydia: Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist - “It just hits the reset button.”

Kelsey: Fresh Rose Face Mask - "This mask gives the illusion of having had a good night's sleep, a brisk workout, and a little time in the sun - even when that is far from the truth. Super simple and quick to add into my routine a couple times a week, this gives me a little glow when I need it most.” 

Libby: Algenist Liquid Collagen. - “One of my favorite products. This liquid collagen is liquid gold. A brightening serum & age eraser, all in one."

Alexis: Kjaer Weis The Beautiful Oil - “A true indulgence, but it’s my one and done - moisturizer, treatment and primer for when I do wear foundation. It doesn’t get easier than that. Plus, the calming Rose Hips Seed Oil soothes skin and spirit.”

  • Gua Sha - Even if you don’t have the tool, incorporating simple massage techniques at the end (or beginning) of the day boost circulation to give you a glow, and the act just feels good. Use a Gua Sha tool, a stone roller or your fingers (on well lubricated skin). Long sweeping motions relax tense muscles and reduce fluid retention (which means a brighter, less puffy and lifted look).

  • Dry brushing -This self care practice is designed to awaken your body by immediately improving circulation. You’ll feel less achy, plus it’s great for exfoliating and clarifying the skin. You can find different dry brushes sized for the body or face.

Alexis Chung