Sheetal C'Ganti

Sheetal C'Ganti - From Power Suits to Suiting Your Own Power

Every year allows us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves. Sheetal C’Ganti began her career in Finance twenty-something years ago, drawn to the fast-paced energy of the industry. Knowing how support in a relationship feels, she and her husband agreed she would take a break while her husband pursued his career. This change, including a NY-TX move gave her freedom to see herself in a new context.

Growing up, what or who was your biggest inspiration?

My mom has always been my biggest inspiration. Growing up, she worked full time, cooked us a homemade delicious dinner every night, sat with us while we did homework, all with an encouraging smile. She made each holiday magical and memorable. Most importantly, she taught me to always stay positive!

What inspired you to pursue finance?

Early 2000s was an interesting time in Finance when technology was disrupting traditional trading practices, strategies and infrastructure. I was immediately drawn to energy and the dynamic environment. It also allowed me to move to NYC which was always a dream of mine! 

Has relocating to Texas changed your career path?

Yes! I’ve decided to take time off and focus on my family. This is the first time I’ve taken time off in 15 years! Moving from NYC to Texas is the biggest move of our life and I wanted to ensure a smooth transition for my family. 

My husband started a real estate private equity firm which was the catalyst for this move. We discussed the topic about moving for two years before we pulled the trigger. We wanted to make sure it was the right decision for us as individuals, as a couple and our children. My husband was always very supportive during my career as I travelled often. I wanted to support my husband’s dream and spend time with my children. 

I’m taking this time to explore my next steps. It’s important to me to keep my own identity in addition to wife and mother. 

Who do you inspire or hope to inspire, and why, or what do you hope they take away?

I hope to inspire my daughter & son through experiences and hands on teaching. 

Who is your fashion inspiration and why?

Jennifer Lopez - she is my body and fashion inspiration!

Victoria Beckham - love her classic with modern touches 

Deepika Padukone - love her Bollywood glam

How do you think a blank canvas such as Mother Oxford can serve as inspiration?

It’s a challenge “having it all together” when you’re a mom. It’s a constant juggling act.    The way I dress and look usually fall to the bottom of my priority list.  The truth is you look good, you feel good. This low maintenance high style solution makes me feel powerful, classy, and composed ...I can do anything! This small step of getting dressed in a crisp white shirt makes you feel like you can do it. It’s the mom power shirt. I’ve traded in power suits for this.