Frequently Asked Questions

About The Shirt

How is Mother Oxford actually different than any other white button down?

This shirt is designed with the busy, multi-faceted modern woman in mind. The longer hem and deep side slits give you endless styling options (half tuck! tie it up! wear it as a swim coverup!) The generous fit gives you room to grow in and out (whether it's due to baby or not!) and offers comfort without sacrificing polish. The fabric keeps you cool while you're running around taking care of the 256,117 things on your list. It's basically that elusive easy, effortlessly pulled together look, packaged up in the perfect white shirt! 

Is this shirt only for me if I'm pregnant or a mother?

Nope! Who's never spilled red wine or coffee on a white shirt? Plus, our design is versatile, meaning it can seamlessly integrate itself into ANY wardrobe as an essential piece.

How can Mother Oxford help me?

Well, for some of us, its part of a uniform. That means less thought goes in to looking efforlessly chic! Plus, you can style it with a number of accessories (hello scarves and belts). Because of our fabric technology, with proper care it could live in your wardrobe for longer (meaning you won't have to replace it). Its also transitional, meaning it changes with you - your style or your body, and always looks elevated.

Why cotton?

A few reasons: Cotton is a more sustainable option than many synthetic fabrics, meaning there is less waste created and chemicals used during the manufacturing process. Since its a natural fiber, its more easily compostible. Lastly, Cotton has a specific handfeel that is more delicate than synthetic so its softer on your skin and babies skin.

Why white?

Why not? Many women opt to exclude certain things from their wardrobe when they become mothers. You can still confidently wear white as a mother, especially when its a mess-friendly fabric!

What do you mean by "mess and spill-friendly?"

Mess and spill-friendly mean your Mother Oxford is easier to care for than your standard button down. For example, you're less likely to get soaked all the way through if somebody decides to throw their sippy cup at you. And, your white shirt is less likely to stain if you spill a celabratory post-bed time glass of red wine on yourself. The fabric is breathable, and helps disperse perspiration. This can help prevent those annoying underarm rings (and not to mention help you feel fresh).

Doesn't that mean its stain-proof?

No, it doesn't mean stain proof (there are no absolutes in life!). To be stain-proof, it would have to be coated with something to repel all substances, which means it would probably feel waxy or stiff. Stuff might even ricochet off of it, which could actually create a mess around you. And, it wouldn't have the hand feel that we're all looking for in a garment - soft, supple and comfortable.

OK, so how is it "mess-friendly?"

That comes from the patented technology built into the fabric.

You mentioned breathability. Will I not sweat while I wear this?

We like to say even the most stressful mothering moments will feel a bit more chill in Mother Oxford. Whether you're chasing a toddler or hype-woman for your team's next meeting presentation, nobody wants to feel that stress (aka perspiration). Breathable means sweat is less likely to linger on the fabric. And, by allowing perspiration to disperse its likely you'll avoid the tell-tale signs of stress (sweat rings and smell). 


What do I do if I get something on it?

Don't panic! And, don't rub or agitate the mess.

How do I immediately clean my garment?

If you can take it off, simply rinse it under cool water until the mess is gone. In a pinch, you can squeeze a stream of water over the spill (think wet cloth/paper towel or even a pure water baby wipe) and rinse that way.

What about things like avocado, ketchup and yogurt?

If *somebody* decides to fling their spoon at you (or you drop your lunch...) take action. Run that mess under a stream of water and apply a little dish soap to the remaining residue. Then, gently work that residue out. Don't worry, thanks to breathable fabric that wet spot will most likely be dry by the time lunch is over. 

If I manage to stay mess-free, is this shirt easy to wash?

As mothers (and college students long ago), heck yea its easy to wash. Who wants to complicate something that should be easy? No dry cleaning (actually, save your money and avoid it). Simply wash and line dry. Don't be tempted to throw it in the dryer - the breathable fabric will air dry quicker than regular cotton, and line drying will ensure the fabric technology performs how you want it to.

Can something still stain the shirt?

Of course. If you get smothered with ketchup and let the shirt bake in the sun, it will stain. But, if you follow our instructions the likelihood that a stain will set in is dramatically lower than with a typical cotton garment.

General Info

What does "Oeko Tex" stand for?

It is a certification that Companies & Mills have to apply for. It confirms that all materials being used are tested for harmful chemicals to protect our environment. 

How about REACh?

All products used the making of our fabric as well all manufacturing processes have been certified by REACh (the European Union standard). The aim of these standards is to protect consumers from health and environmental risks.

Do you have plans to include more sustainable features into your garments?

You bet. We're making a move to recycled labels and are always actively working with our suppliers to incorporate the latest advancements in responsible production.