The Expansion Pack
The Expansion Pack
The Expansion Pack

The Expansion Pack

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A pack of accessories that packs a style punch. Expand your style - both provide flexible options in terms of size and function. 

The Belt - adjustable and stretchy to give all the waist definition and none of the discomfort of a standard rigid belt. (You know - the kind you need to adjust after lunch).

The MO Cuff - perfect for personalizing your look but also perfectly functional to help keep your sleeves up for work, play and everything in between. 

Select based on your Mother Oxford Shirt size. Size 1/2 includes The MO Cuff in size 1/2 and Size 3/4 includes The MO Cuff in size 3/4.

We're With you

Room For Change

Mother Oxford performance pieces are deisgned to transition with your body and life, with an intentionally generous, classically flattering fit and spill friendly stretch cotton.

Timeless Style

A blank canvas for ourselves, our needs, our ambitions, our desires. All by women for women. Spill friendly that won't make you sweat. Now even the most stressful mothering moments are more chill.

Break the Rules

It starts with wearing white. We're not afraid to get dirty and roll up our our sleeves for work, play and everything in between. Always ready to embrace the mess.

Fresh look white button-down Oxford shirt

Mess Friendly

Naturally breathable performance cotton developed in France keeps you cool and feeling fresh all day long.

Mother Oxford fabric is OEKO-TEX® sustainable.