Alexis Rudin - Schooled in all things social

Alexis Rudin - Schooled in all things social

Driven, hardworking and determined. Creative, relaxed and less stressed. Neither is good nor bad - they're just different. And, if you're a social media strategist, you need a little bit of both to clearly capture the essence of the brand you choose to work with.

Introducing Alexis Rudin, Mother Oxford’s Social Media Strategist. Self-identified type A, she's a key player in sharing our "special sauce" with you.


What does Mother Oxford mean to you?

Mother Oxford was born during a time of uncertainty and disarray, bringing a grounding, staple piece to women’s wardrobes that allows them to live their life and embrace the mess... and over the past few months, things have definitely gotten messy. As a women-run small business, it is no surprise that everyone on the MO team plays many different roles at work and at home. As a mom of two under two, running the social media campaign for MO, I can speak to the madness first hand. Juggling work and managing the schedules of small children - with restriction on their social activities and interactions is a balancing act like no other! Keeping our social presence authentic and relevant has been both exciting and challenging but being a member of a team of other working women/mom/go-getters is empowering and inspiring. The women of MO are strong, resilient and get it done.

How has being type A helped you in your career and motherhood?

Goal oriented and organization - this has helped me manage my work and personal life and allows me to create, prioritize and complete tasks to be most efficient with my most valuable resource - time!

You mentioned above that things have definitely gotten messy. How have you had to embrace the mess?

Literally and figuratively! I don’t always have time to clean up the literal mess of my family until the end of the day and also have been forced to accept that everything won’t happen exactly as I plan for it to. For example, I would love to have my kids nap at the same time and it’s literally impossible! One gets tired as the other is waking up, like clockwork!

What does the blank canvas of a Mother Oxford represent to you?

The blank canvas of MO means not having to overthink your daily wardrobe, knowing that you will look fresh and put together and then use creativity to style and accessorize based on your mood or activity knowing the hard part is already taken care of.