Lydia Kutko Founder Mother Oxford

Mother Oxford came to life in the midst of dirty diapers and spit up. After many late nights searching for a smock to protect against the minute-by-minute threat of baby fluids and toddler jam hands, I came up empty. There was no essential that worked as hard as women do and at the same time was polished enough for work, date night or a coffee run.

Enter this classically flattering, roomy button-up Oxford made with spill resistant performance cotton to meet the demands of motherhood and life in general. Its versatile silhouette makes it effortless tied up with a flowy skirt and just as fun untucked with jeans or worn over work clothes as a coverup. 

There are many remarkable things that have come out of the process of developing Mother Oxford including becoming the first brand to launch a new technical cotton in the US market. The fact we are a female team and have sourced and manufactured with women has made us aware Mother Oxford fills a gap in many of our lives. It gives not only mothers but all women a blank canvas to be the person they know they are but were too distracted to be. 

Welcome to the Mother of All Shirts. 

Xx Lydia