Annie Lin - A Working Mom Working Fashion

Annie Lin - A Working Mom Working Fashion

ATX heat can be too hot to handle. But, sometimes even that seems more feasible to fully enjoy than the multitasking challenges that present some women. 

Austin, TX entrepreneur and stay at home working mother Annie Lin has mastered juggling business ventures, two kids and a household. Here's a peek into her daily life and her vision for her daughters' futures.

As a stay at home working mom, there’s probably the assumption that quarantine and staying at home with young children didn’t affect you as much. What would you say to somebody who made that assumption? Which of your expectations or goals did shift?

 I would say it's true, my lifestyle didn't change very much pre-Covid to quarantine because I’ve worked from home since 2016! I would say the biggest thing that helps me move along my day is knowing my to-do list will never be fully completed within the day and to really pick and choose which tasks to accomplish at any given time. For example, if I know I will only have 2 hours during the time my youngest naps, I'll schedule my calls and any other priorities that would need my full attention without interruptions. It's a constant juggle of going with the flow and just doing the best you can!


What qualities do you give your mother, a single working woman, credit for instilling in you? Same or different, what is most important you share with your daughters? 

 I would say just watching my mom work so hard to raise my sister and I all our lives have always instilled the importance of a good work ethic in myself and being able to reach my long term goals for me and my family. I have worked since I was 15 and have never not had a job. I think it's important to share with my daughters the incredible power they have as an individual working woman and that they are able to do anything as long as they are willing to work hard and be nice to others.


What are the must-have working mom fashion pieces currently in your closet? 

Right now I absolutely live in work out clothes and on occasions, I'll change into clothes other than lounge pajamas to feel more put together. I would say must-have working mom fashion would include comfy sweats from Entire World and a mix of cute "pick me up" outfits that are easy to throw on like favorite t shirt and jeans or favorite throw on dress from Zara.


What about your daughters’ style? do they have input in their outfit choices? Or have they expressed their own style in any way yet?

My oldest daughter has definitely loved dressing herself since she was 2, and now so does Sienna (we call her Baba). They're obsessed with the colors pink and purple and I have to evolve with their taste to make sure our mornings don't take up too much time trying on too many clothes! I've learned to stock their closets with dresses and pinks and purples to make life easier for everyone.


In your opinion, why is a wardrobe essential like Mother Oxford a staple for a stay at home mom who juggles children and a career? 

I think Mother Oxford is a perfect essential piece for any mother because it's chic, easy and quick to dress up and down. It's also breastfeeding friendly with the easy buttons down the middle!

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