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Layers of Color

'Tis the season for fall weather, which means one layer is never enough. Add complexity to your look with layers (and feel comfortable at the same time). While it seems straightforward, here are two practical layering tips to keep in mind.

First, we love layering two Mother Oxfords, but you do you! Why two shirts as opposed to a shirt and a sweater? Well, sweaters don't wick sweat. Don't forget that our fabric is breathable and moisture wicking, so doubling up allows you to better regulate your temperature while going between home and car, up and down subway stairs, or while chasing your child.

Also tying a sweater around your waist is like putting a comforter on your ass and that’s not fun.

Second, layering our white and blue Mother Oxfords helps frame your face. After all, you're the work of art! Keep your best color closer to the face. White can make so many complexions brighten up, even tired mom face.

Where does our layering inspo originate? Our designer, Kelsey had a few notes. "I love these layered color palettes as a way to usher in a new season and shop your own closet. Take existing pieces you love and breathe new life into them with a fresh look. Unexpected combinations and textures can turn even the most classic staple into something novel and interesting."

As fall turns into winter, there are other ways to explore layering. While I think we all love matching loungewear holiday cards, double up in a different way by having all the women in your family wear Mother Oxford. A bit more classic than matching holiday PJs, and every woman can let her own style shine through. Somebody in your family missing MO? Send them a gift card!

Crave more from our designer? Hear Kelsey talk more about layering, creativity and versatility with our brand founder, Lydia. Check out Episode #5 of our Garment Rack Chats. All episodes are saved in our highlights @MotherOxford so you can get to know us even better ❤️