Dana Avidan Cohn - Mothering in style

Dana Avidan Cohn - Mothering in style

Trends come and go, and as the Executive Style Director for POPSUGAR, Dana Avidan Cohn has spent her career helping us wade through the noise and define our own style. Her experience as a mother makes her insight that much more relevant for a good chunk of women who recognize the need to evolve their look with their lifestyle. One thing is for sure - it doesn’t matter who you are, the classics never go out of style. 


Having spent your career in fashion, you've seen thousands of trends come and go. How do you see a timeless piece, like a white oxford shirt, working into women's wardrobes? How do you like to personalize or update these classic items to keep them feeling fresh?

I tend to go back to classics in my wardrobe.  I use pieces like an oversized white button-down, blazers, and denim as the foundation and then add in new accessories each season to update my look.  I'm moving away from overly trendy clothing and just investing in pieces I know I can keep for a long time.

There are a lot of women looking for on-trend looks to fit their mom lifestyle. Do you think your wardrobe has to change for motherhood, and in what way? Are we trying to serve pre-conceived notions of what moms can and can't wear or just practically adapting to an admittedly messy, tiring season of life?

Motherhood has a lot of stages, just like life. In the beginning, as a new mom, I completely put myself on hold and devoted all of my energy to taking care of this new little person.  As I got more comfortable, I rediscovered a new version of myself.  I wanted clothing that worked for all parts of my life.  I wanted to wear one outfit to drop off and head straight to the office afterward.  Everything started to blend together and I found easy stylish pieces that could be worn throughout a busy day.  

You once said, “I believe there is a way to have everything you want out of life; you just have to be brave enough to carve out your own path.”  How are you carving yours? Are you finding it different than you imagined?

I guess what I meant is there's no one path to getting where you want to go. I don't spend energy comparing myself or trying to copy others because my journey is completely unique.  I don't always have a handle on what's next, but I'm good at adapting, and I have a really strong support system of family and friends. That makes a big difference for me.  

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