Danielle Stern - All about the little details

Danielle Stern - All about the little details

Photograph by @bsturrett

There is something extremely special about personalization. Claiming something as your own and that stamp being visible brings a sense of pride. Who doesn't love a signet ring or a monogram? 

Danielle Stern takes this to the next level. As the Creative Director and Founder of Lefty's Right Mind, a custom design studio, her hand-painted personalization is both extremely detailed and flawlessly executed. 

She shares how her determination and "all in" attitude influences her as a mother and business woman.


You are one mother of a...?

I am a Mother of Determination.  I do not know how to procrastinate.  Challenge me and I promise you I will make it happen. I believe it's a waste of time to complete a task half assed - I am a firm believer in doing something right, once.  I am very much an "all in" kinda girl.  

How'd you become that way?

My parents taught me at a very young age that quitting was just not an option.  I grew up as an athlete so a lot of time was dedicated to practice and competition.  If I ever got to the place of lost interest, they would say, "You signed up for this.  You've committed.  See it through and then you can reassess next season."  Studio art training also consists of long hours and loads of concentration.  While most of my friends had a bunch of short classes per day, art students have 5 hour long studios.  You have to have the drive to commit in my line of work and for my kind of interests.  My work ethic is something I've alway had and I am ALL about the little details.  Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart.  Dedication, mixed with some obsession is a must if you want to succeed!

You have one mother of a talent! What is it about creativity and customization that led you to make design your career? How has it woven itself into your other career, mother to your children?

The beauty of life is all growing when faced with adversity.  Challenges make you stronger and more intelligent.  My girls will learn that perseverance is key to living a full life.

My laser focus comes from passion.  The "love of the game" is what keeps me going! I live my life by “I did my best and my best is good enough.”  I hope my girls’ and my team always know that no matter the outcome, if they give it their best, then that’s all I can ask for!

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You can see Danielle's hand-painted work and learn about bespoke gifting on her Instagram @leftysrightmind