Denielle Finkelstein - Making periods her business

Denielle Finkelstein - Making periods her business

Even as a risk taker, doing a complete career 360° can be scary as hell. Being “the right thing to do” doesn’t always make it easier. When the reward was worth the risk, you know you've made the right decision. That’s the case for Denielle Finkelstein, Co-Founder & President at TOP the organic project


You are one mother of…?  

Taking Risks 

How did you become that way?  

As I child, my parents always encouraged me to do things outside my comfort zone which gave me confidence in taking risks throughout my adulthood.  In 2018, I walked out at the height of my career as an executive.  I was the breadwinner in our family and I had no plans for what was next but I knew I was not in the right environment for myself, my family and my career.  This gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to step away from the big flashy job and start fresh to create TOP the organic project.  This has been the BEST risk I have ever taken!

What conversation or moment led you and your cousin on the journey that eventually created TOP the organic project?  

My cousin and co-founder, Thyme Sullivan and I were both at a crossroads and looking for more purpose in the Part 2 of our careers.  I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason and over lunch one day after I had left my job, we started talking about our periods, our daughters, tampons...and the rest is TOP history.    

What's it like working alongside another mom? What have you learned from each other?

I am so grateful for the personal and professional relationship I have with Thyme.  Our skills complement each other perfectly, with me focused on brand and marketing and Thyme on operations and sales.  I feel incredibly lucky everyday to be on this journey with her.  We are able to push each other along our path and recognize when we need to shift directions.  We take the time to celebrate together and in the low moments, have some tears but quickly dust each other off and move on.

We have both learned the importance of patience, resilience and remembering to stay badass.   

How can mothers help break the stigma around period conversations?  

By starting the conversation.  As mothers, we love, protect, guide, teach, feed and comfort our children from day one.  We will do anything for our children.  But when it comes to uncomfortable topics, we often avoid the topics, perpetuating the cycle. Parents need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and beginning the conversation with your children as early as possible.  

TOP's Womanifesto reminds us that every girl and woman has superpowers, and we can take steps to be the best version of ourselves. What other lifestyle choices do you recommend  to be the best you?  

Living life filled with kindness, laughter, gratitude and love. When we lean into these amazing gifts they can center us and help guide us through the good and more difficult times. Throughout this past year, these 4 things have been my beacons for myself, my family, my friends and my work.  These have helped me find my superpowers and lead a more fulfilled life.  


Denielle Finkelstein and TOP the organic project support the sometimes uncomfortable conversation about periods through the TOP communities on Instagram and Facebook, where medical and wellness experts, visionaries and everyday women come together to make femcare more fun (and comfortable).