Jane Roggen Fashion Blogger

Jane Roggen, Fashion Blogger on Suiting Herself

Brand Strategist Jane Roggen recently became a first time mother. We asked her what it was like to experience the shift that comes with motherhood. For many it’s physical, some mental. And others, well it’s style! 

How has your definition of "essential" changed when it comes to your wardrobe since becoming pregnant?

Oh how I miss simple days where my definition of "essential" consisted of the perfect high waisted jeans and white tee. During pregnancy, it's really anything that's comfortable and also pieces that accentuate the belly (when you've officially popped!) and hug you in just the right places.


How would you define your style since becoming pregnant?

Feminine and playful. I've really enjoyed wearing babydoll dresses and jumpsuits -- they are also a one and done deal so you don't have to worry about matching your bottom to your top!


What has been the biggest style change for you?

I really miss my high-waisted Levis. I can't wait to slip into my old jeans again! Those maternity jeans with the stretchy bands just didn't do it for me. 


Do you anticipate a style shift after baby comes? If so, what's your vision?

Absolutely - I'm a mom now! My vision is minimalistic chic... definitely see a lot of monochrome sweatsuits in my future. :)

You can follow Jane @sooplainjane for style inspo (and some seriously cute baby pics).