Jocelyn Steiber ChicAndSweaty

Jocelyn Steiber - Chic, Sweaty and Motivated by Honesty

It hasn’t been easy for anyone. Jocelyn Steiber, AKA @chicandsweaty on Instagram, shared some big milestones with her followers: A postponement of her debut swimwear collection, Ashton Cole and a quarantine relocation she used as a platform to get real honest about what life is like as a working mother during the impossible. Take it from us, you'll want to follow her journey as she says exactly what we're all thinking but in a way that makes you motivated to face it all head on, dressed for anything life throws at you. 

Why has performance wear always been at the core of your wardrobe?

To be honest, it hasn’t. I adopted this trend a few years ago when comfortability and practicality became as important to me as fashion.  Having kids does this to you!

You seem to have an adventurous, outdoor spirit that’s increased during quarantine. Have you had any realizations about how your style has or might change?

Quarantine has been all about leggings and sweat pants. I put on skirts a few times but ultimately I need to be able to run around and bend to pick up my daughter. I miss wearing “real clothes” though — my dressed up look is a sports bra with a high waisted 3/4 skirt these days.

You definitely have your own personal style. Hello black crop tops! How has MO enhanced or challenged your wardrobe and how are you making it your own?

I like wearing my MO over my bathing suit. It allows me to be covered while in the sun and also spilled on which is something every mother deals with. I swear I’m a human napkin these days!

Follow Jocelyn on Instagram @chicandsweaty and check out her initiative to support No Kid Hungry with one of a kind made to order tie-dye shirts which we definitely have in our closets.