Kodi Kitchen Berg - Founder of EQUIPT

Kodi Kitchen Berg - Founder of EQUIPT Movement on Strength and Hitting Reset

We interviewed Kodi Kitchen Berg, Founder EQUIPT Movement, on what it takes to not only be resilient but luminous in the face of so much fear and change. One of the many gems: "Make multitasking your lover." That's an MO we can get in bed with.


- How are you doing? How are you really doing? 

I’d say it depends on the day! There are no short tags of things to do yet simultaneously the repetition can sometimes be tough. Especially in the Motherhood world. Some days I feel like a total rockstar and others I wonder if I’ll ever catch up. 


- How do you balance it all - entrepreneur, mother, wife, and taking care of yourself? 

Oh man, not well but I am never going to quit improving! I think many of us relate to the self becoming non existent. When that happens I crumble. I’m learning for it to be okay to not have it all done perfectly. Prioritizing. I do yoga in the shower with my toddler wearing a hair mask. Multitasking is my Lover. 


- How are you/Equipt helping moms during Corona? 

Movement! I hope we are proving a way to introduce not only cool workout equipment but also cool ways to redefine what a “workout” is. That movement can be beautiful and need not be defined, but to listen to what you need and go from there. 


- What is the definition of strength in your opinion? 

Doing what needs to be done and not what you want to do. 


- What tips can you offer others who are pregnant and/or caring for children to maintain their composure in this stressful time?

Breathe. And silence that nasty bitch that sneaks out in your mind telling you what you’re not doing. Replace her with your true best friends voice reminding you exactly of what you ARE doing great. Self judgement doesn’t serve. If you didn’t have a great day, well that ok. Hit reset and conquer it tomorrow. 


- What has been the hardest part of this ordeal for you? 

I’d say a few things. Redefining what accomplishment looks like.  I have an almost three year old, as well as a 12 and 15 yr old from my husband’s first marriage. Business has never been busier which is amazing but I’m recognizing home is the foundation. By rectifying and either changing or asking for help to build it, I’m learning how to really grow. I’d say that’s across the board. What kind of mom, wife, woman and business. Even friend and daughter! 

I will say too I miss girlfriends. Zoom helps, but there is something about the power of a girlfriend where you don’t need anything from each other that is beautiful and fulfilling. 


- What is the number one thing you are mindful of doing consistently that helps you?

Movement naturally ;) But really I am aware of my breath and body. How are my shoulders? Jaw? What’s tense? It helps me to know what is ailing and how I can move through it with either breath or body. 


- If you're optimistic, what are you looking forward to? 

I am! Most days. Professionally I am building a great team right now and building the foundation for so many amazing things. Work is for sure overwhelming but in such a good way. That unto itself I look at and know that is such a blessing to be having a career at the moment and I don’t take it for granted. 

Personally I miss travel, so am savoring those trips we’ve taken. I know that will come back, yet like everything in life under new terms. I think we will see even more of a shift towards intimate and personal since we will be fear based for so long and craving authenticity. 


And Kodi’s thoughts on Mother Oxford?

Holy cow this is amazing. I would live in it over a bikini, unbuttoned most likely wearing a squash blossom necklace from my great grandma. 

Or with cutoffs and a red lip. 

And tied up over a flowing skirt! I make a mess of everything and this is the staple I needed. 

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