Lauren Neinstein aka Legs by Lauren

Lauren Neinstein aka Legs by Lauren on Strength and Lifting Spirits

Lauren Neinstein aka Legs By Lauren gave us a few minutes of her time, in between her busy day of sculpting bodies and lifting spirits, to chat about her experience with the “new normal” and how she stays strong (plus exactly what that means to her).


- How are you doing? How are you really doing? 

Honestly, I’m doing well. 

I’ve learned to love and embrace my “new normal.” I have a new boss named Aspen. He’s handsome and 7 months old but boy is he a tough boss lol! I turn to everyday “fitness glam” as a tool to boost my mood. 

A highlight of my day is getting ready to teach class. I do all of the things - my hair, makeup, outfit and accessories! I have been wearing bright colors a lot! It boosts my mood and my clients’! Practicing natural beauty looks turned into perfecting them. Random fact, I attended the Make Up For Ever Academy fashion and beauty program years ago so it’s always been a passion that quarantine has gifted me more time to explore. 

- How do you define strength?

Strong is sexy - strength is emotional, not just physical. When I set small goals for my day and accomplish them while juggling mom life, I feel strong. When I bring joy to people’s day I feel strong. Empowered women, empower women! And, I feel strong after my workouts of course - I create them not to completely crush your body. They are designed to sculpt bodies and lift spirits!

- How are you helping moms during Corona?

I have been giving moms & others twice weekly workouts via Instagram live! Free of charge while encouraging donations to Amanda Kloots gofundme page. The workouts save for 24 hours each so people can do them on their time. 

- What keeps you strong?

Things I think about when I’m having “a moment” 

1) I have my health, the ability to breath & move my body

2) I am in this together with my family all safe at home, some are separated from their loved ones

3) I have a gift. I can share my gift everyday. This brings me INSANE joy. 

I have enjoyed sending small gifts to my loved ones during this time. Goldbelly is an incredible site. You can support small business and make someone’s day! For example, I sent my sister a Shake Shack burger kit and my parents a lobster roll kit. I instructed them to enjoy these things for a date night and to FaceTime me :) These little things make me feel emotionally connected while keeping socially distant. 

Lean By Lauren (what I call my kitchen / cooking) has done my body some serious good! Cooking is therapy for me. I have fun with it! Cook with love. Food is fuel. Use what you have. I often google the ingredients that I need to use in my fridge and see what comes up for inspo! 

Music! When I make a playlist whether it’s for class or at home right now - every song is connected to a memory. A vacation. A wedding. A girls night - whatever! These memories bring me to happier times. I love music! It takes me on a therapeutic journey. Yay! I love to share playlists with my clients!

- What has been the hardest part of this ordeal for you?

I really miss girl time right now! I look forward to a serious girl gang hangout ASAP! Wouldn’t hurt if this just so happened to be at one of my favorite NYC establishments over drinks and food and I didn’t have to do dishes lol! 

- Has there been a silver lining at all?

I was semi retired from Legs By Lauren before quarantine! I cannot believe I was going to give it up.  You should never give up on your dreams. I would like to thank my husband Dr. Ryan Neinstein for supporting me wholeheartedly during this time and helping with Aspen so that I can share my gift with the world. It has been a massive eye opening experience for me and a serious silver lining. Women can really do it all!

- What tips can you offer others who are pregnant and/or caring for children to maintain their composure in this stressful time? 

I mean I told Ryan my hair mask was for 30 mins when it was only 10 today and took an extra long bath to get some “me time” haha! But seriously, communicate with your partner. Everyone deserves a little break. Don’t be hard on yourself. This won’t last forever. Cherish the happy moments. Let go of the hard ones. 

Connect with Lauren on Instagram @lifeoflaurenashley to join her twice weekly Instagram Live workouts!