Michelle Cordeiro Grant - Founder of LIVELY on Only the Bare Essentials

Michelle Cordeiro Grant - Founder of LIVELY on Only the Bare Essentials

Michelle Cordeiro Grant is the founder of the lingerie brand LIVELY, mother of two, and an absolute powerhouse, yet when you meet her, you're instantly put at ease by her warmth and openness. Practicing what she preaches, she is bold and transparent, makes community a priority, and takes time to support and champion other women owned brands. Here, she shares with us what "essential" means to her and how she incorporates it into her busy, demanding days.


- How has the word "essential," when it comes to underwear and wardrobe, changed since you became a mother? Did it change the second time around?

Before becoming a mother, I primarily wore thongs and undies with all kinds of prints, designs, and fabrics. Now, after having two kids, my All-Day Bikinis are my go-to for everyday comfort, but I still want to feel and look good. That’s why when I was building LIVELY, it was important to me to create products that are functional and comfy, without sacrificing style. 


- How can "baring it all" get you closer to feeling amazing in your own skin? 

Motherhood didn’t come naturally to me at first, but being able to admit and be ok with the fact that there are ups and downs and good days and bad days in motherhood, my business, and my relationship with my husband, has made it so much easier to celebrate the days that are wins (no matter how big or small)!


- Do you find that functional, comfortable, and sexy can coexist in the wardrobe of a busy mother and how?

100%. My wardrobe essentials have totally shifted from super trendy clothes and high heels to my everyday “uniform,” which is the LIVELY All-Day Bodysuit with a rotation of skirts, comfy pants, and flat shoes. The bodysuit can be paired with so many different styles, making it almost effortless to feel and look good while still being comfy.


- What’s the biggest surprise you found from uncomplicating your underwear?

The biggest surprise for me was when I realized that feeling sexy and confident doesn’t need to come from what I previously thought I needed to wear or look like in front of my husband, but from wearing things that are comfortable (but still stylish) for me so I can show up my best in my work, my relationship, and for my kids.

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