Morgan Mosher - On partnering up

Morgan Mosher - On partnering up

While there’s nothing easy about being a new mom and working, it helps to have a community of support behind you. Bonus points when you finally find your rhythm. And, part of that rhythm includes doing whatever it takes to feel ready to work while actually being at home. 

Morgan Mosher, a new mom, Partner (the first female!) at T3 Advisors, and a non-profit co-founder shared with us how she’s staying in the right mindset, and where Mother Oxford fits into the picture.

Briefly share what a day in the life of you looks like.

I was so lucky to have a great maternity leave, but am just starting to work full-time again. As a new mom in COVID times, I haven't completely figured out my rhythm. I am working from home 100% of the time, spending 98% of the day on ZOOM calls, and running downstairs to get dinner started or throw a log on the fire in between calls. My son, Reed, is an amazing sleeper... so thankfully I am mostly rested - just haven't mastered the balance of waking up, getting bottles ready for daycare, getting polished enough to be on a day’s worth of calls, and wrap up just in time to quickly make dinner and get him ready for bed.  There have been a few days Reed has been home and he has joined a zoom call in a bouncer by my feet or on my lap. I feel successful if I made my meetings on time, I took more off my to-do list than I added, and I didn't have a 5 min stress cry. 

Who makes up your community, and why are they so important to you?

I have been best friends with my circle of friends since elementary school, we are incredibly lucky! There are about 10 of us (the upper-class girls called us "tiny ten" in high school to insult us, but there is nothing tiny about this friendship). Most of my ladies are moms, professionals, and health care workers - it's a diverse mix of powerful women. I can rely on them for advice, a glass of wine, a showering of support whenever I need it, but most importantly, time to unwind and laugh like we were back in jr high. 

I recently moved closer to home to be near my main support network of my friends and family. My younger sister had a baby boy 4 months before me, and we love sharing milestones and the fact that our boys have built-in best friends! 

How has it helped you navigate motherhood?

Honestly, that I am later to the motherhood game! I had Reed at 34, and my circle has so much experience with babies that I felt that I had a playbook to follow! I also have a fantastic partner helping me raise our son. I didn't know what to expect when a child entered our family, and having him be such an instant good dad, really made me feel confident in becoming a mother.  When we got home from the hospital and all the fears and that hormonal rush fell over me, he stated, "I got this, go take time,” and I knew he did.  The first few weeks of Reed's life he encouraged me to do 3 things for myself and only myself a week and to write them down on the board to keep us both accountable for that. I am forever grateful. I know I am supported, which gives me a sense of calm with motherhood.   We also had the blessing and curse of starting this journey during COVID, so it was just us - both home with Reed every day for 4 months to get to know him, meet each other as parents and figure out how to support each other professionally so we can both continue to crush it on that front. 

What is it about Mother Oxford that resonates with you?

I feel like MO is me as a shirt in my current life season. It goes from Zoom call polish to literal spit up rag and I know it will handle both.  I love that I can feel like I am being taken seriously on calls without looking overdone or underdressed. I am working, so looking dressed for work is critical for me to actually focus on work. 

What is your favorite way to style your Mother Oxford?

Currently, fuzzy slippers, stretched out nursing bra, pixie pants, and a chunky necklace. I am on the shorter side (5'), so I am not a great tucking candidate, so I will sometimes wear it with a tank top as an alternative to a cardigan.  When I was pregnant, I would throw it over a tank dress to polish it up! 


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