Neha Ruch - Mother Untitled

Neha Ruch - Mother Untitled

Image by Molly Morris Photography

It’s important that we find communities that empower us, and lift us up. A group of like-minded people who understand what we’re going through and can help us navigate. So many women, especially in the last year, have found themselves taking a career pause - whether on purpose or due to fate, and becoming focused solely on their family’s wellbeing.

Supporting women and mothers everyday, even on those that are the messiest, is at the heart of the MO community, as are you.  And, we learn everyday from the women who choose to share our space. One of those women is Neha Ruch. We wanted to get to know MO about Neha, founder of Mother Untitled, a community dedicated to re-branding the choice to put motherhood and balanced living first as a choice that's empowered and modern. 

You are one mother of a...?


How’d you become that way?

I was born that way. Sensitivity is often thought of as a negative in this culture but I've come to love it as my super power - before in brand, now as a mother and a women's community builder, and always as a human.

You went from working in marketing and advertising while pursuing an MBA at Stanford to a pause in your career to focus on your family. That must have been one mother of a change for you! What has been its greatest impact?

Making room for family life allowed me to make room also for myself. There's no bigger of a motivator than your kids to show up and I think these last five years I was more committed to doing the inner work of self-love, gratitude, patience and health than ever before in my life. Ultimately, in the pause, I found out what purpose feels like! I found it in raising my kids, raising myself alongside and then building Mother Untitled because I felt so strongly ambitious women making room for family were underrepresented in media. 


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