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Olesia Anisimovich - The role model life

In motherhood you often only get a second to really know a mom. How often is it that you've started learning how fascinating each other are before you're both distracted away by a crying baby or a toddler (or let's be real, a high schooler) who's found mischief.

When we first met Olesia, we were excited to be left with more questions than answers. This interview interrupted was a reminder of how we all need to be patient getting to really meet each other, and to keep chipping away at the surface to meet the woman behind the mom. 

Olesia was born and raised in Russia before making her way to New York and continuing to pursue her modeling career. She possesses a wealth of knowledge in Ayurveda, a practice that she believes has enabled her to keep up with the busy lifestyle of a model mama. She shared with us how her definition of model has changed since having her daughter. We reconnected to learn more about Ayurveda and being a role model. 


How did your definition of model change after you became a mom? 

Motherhood made me appreciate everything in such an incredible way and now my main goal of being a model is actually being a role model for my baby girl first, then a fashion model for brands I align with. 

What are the most important behaviors that you are/will model for your daughter? 

The most important behaviors would be being kind to herself and the world around, recognizing her self-worth and prioritizing self-care (you can’t fill from an empty cup)

How has deciding which brands to model for changed? For example, what values do you look for them to represent?

I look for brands that are ethically and sustainably made and represent diversity of any kind. Also I love supporting female founded brands!

Why did you begin research in Ayurveda and how has it helped you? 

My passion for Ayurveda started when I was a teenager, growing up in Russia. It helped me so much!  As a model, I’ve used it to stay healthy and energized while traveling all over the world and it’s definitely coming in handy for me as a mom as well. 

Culturally, was Ayurveda widely practiced in Russia? How did you come across it?

Ayurveda was actually pretty popular in Russia at the time when I was growing up there. 

My mom had a lot of books about Ayurveda when I was a teenager and they instantly resonated with me.

What are your top Ayurveda tips for other mothers that helped you the most?

I love recommending warming foods for new moms, oils for face and body and coconut oil pulling for boosting immunity (it also works as a natural teeth whitening treatment). 

What does Mother Oxford represent to you?  

Chic and effortless mom; a New Yorker, just like myself. 

What are some of the creative ways that you make your wardrobe work for your career and lifestyle?

Mixing old and new, constantly “shopping” in my own closet and investing in timeless simple pieces. 

What are your wardrobe "must-haves," or your favorite simple & timeless pieces?

My staples are linen shirts, classic dresses you can dress up or down, black turtlenecks and cashmere sweaters, white button downs, structured and oversized blazers. Of course, always a pair of perfectly fitted jeans and some fun sneakers because #momlife

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