Sabrina Noorani Clear For Me

Sabrina Noorani - Finding the Clear Line Between Control and Surrender

Oftentimes, sparks of creativity and their end result (a brilliant idea that you’re able to bring to fruition) have their roots in experiences that aren’t always initially positive. Sabrina Noorani, mom, CEO and brand founder used her childhood experience immigrating to the US to develop her own independence. Later, a disempowering experience led her to create ClearForMe, a site dedicated to making topical cosmetic ingredients clickable, searchable and shoppable.

Growing up, what or who was your biggest inspiration?

Oprah.  When I was 8, my family immigrated to the US from Tanzania and it was hard to identify with my new surroundings, let alone feel like I fit in. There was something about watching a woman, someone of color, and someone who had gone through some difficult things build a life that was rooted in making a difference for people without losing herself.  She is someone that even to this day, after years of being such a powerful person, exudes authenticity, independence, and strength.  Watching her show after school is something I remember vividly, and there are still so many episodes of hers that I remember and even reference in things I come across.  

What inspired you to start ClearForMe?

Feeling disempowered. 

Years ago, I developed a skin allergy around my lips.  The skin started to itch constantly, puff up, and eventually peel so much that I started getting staph infections around my mouth.  I learned I needed to avoid Fragrance and Formaldehyde.  I thought, "Great. I can do that!"  Then I learned in order to avoid Fragrance, I would need to look for 32 different synonyms that can be used in an ingredient label.  For formaldehyde, 12.  Even walking through the aisles of a Whole Foods terrified me because how was I going to catch these 44 synonyms on every product I look at to buy?  Navigating an ingredient list is an impossible feat for customers when they are looking to find an ingredient that is beneficial or avoid an ingredient based on what they need.

I started ClearForMe to create trust, transparency, and to empower other women who cared about those 2 things.

Who do you inspire or hope to inspire, and why, or what do you hope they take away?

Noah and Enzo, my two boys.  Someone told me this soon after I had my first son and it's stuck with me always.  I am the source for my boys.  What I put out, is what they receive directly or indirectly.   My words and actions have the power to affect how the world relates to them and how they relate to the world.  I hope to share with my boys a focus on valuing our shared journey, every part of it, and not on the destination. I want them to take away they can create their experiences and it's not something that is happening to them, but rather by them.

Who is your fashion inspiration and why?

Victoria Beckham  - posh, pristinely cut, and a true momboss

How do you think a blank canvas such as Mother Oxford can serve as inspiration?

Even though I'm working full-time and I'm the busiest I've ever been, my mind can never shut off my "mom cap."  I think about what the kids need, how they are sleeping, or make for them for meals non-stop.  Sometimes what I do for them is planned ahead of time, and sometimes it's ad-hoc.  Sometimes it's very organized and sometimes it's really messy.  Each day is different and it's important to allow myself the flexibility to surrender to it.  It's never perfect and that's what a blank canvas is a great metaphor for.  No expectations, letting whatever happen, happen.  Let go and create.  

Looking for transparency and want to feel empowered as you navigate all things beauty? Make sure to check out ClearForMe to discover new brands and products you can trust.