Under the MO with @thenewyorkstylist

Under the MO with @thenewyorkstylist

The first time we spoke to Liz Teich, she shared her mindset around dressing. "With my first baby, I thought I needed to buy a ton of cheap clothes that I didn’t mind getting dirty (because #momlife) and the only thing I still wear after 3 years is a button down top that I splurged on." 

We believe in this investment strategy wholeheartedly, but it can be difficult for women to prioritize themselves in this way, when their time, focus and budgets are more stretched than before. 

We had some questions for Liz and how keeping the self top of mind keeps us in control. 


How do you approach this shift for yourself and your clients? 

This isn't something that you necessarily need to change overnight, but it's important to keep this mindset going forward. Instead of many different pieces that are somewhat disposable, it's best to invest in a few key ones that will last and always make you feel good when wearing. I approach this with my clients by creating a shopping list of items that will round out their wardrobes with key basics and items that could complete looks, making it easier to get dressed everyday. 

How do you keep your wardrobe full of classics and staples feeling fresh from season to season? How will you be transitioning these pieces to fall?

The best way to keep things fresh is all in how pieces are styled. A basic button down can be styled in new ways and feel like a completely new item in your closet i.e. layered over a tissue thin turtleneck or paired with updated loose denim (see my IG styling hack reels for more ideas). 


There are a lot of women looking for on-trend looks to fit their new mom lifestyle. Do you think your wardrobe has to change for motherhood, and in what way? Are we trying to serve pre-conceived notions of what moms can and can't wear or just practically adapting to an admittedly messy, tiring season of life? 

Motherhood has most definitely changed my wardrobe, but surprisingly in a better way. I've moved away from fast fashion in the last 5 years and focused more on investment pieces that are more timeless. I don't have time to plan elaborate outfits, or even shop often, so it's a much better way to approach my wardrobe. I also tend to buy more pieces that are low maintenance. If it's dry clean only, it's likely not going to be worn often, so I'll spend more on pieces that are machine washable! 


You share some incredibly creative ideas for styling your wardrobe - we especially loved your MO-turned-strapless-top look - and you don't seem to shy away from baring a little décolleté or midriff at times. Of course, we all feel more or less comfortable showing different areas, but there has long been a societal expectation for women who are mothers to be more buttoned up, and we love that you aren't held back by that. Any tips for mixing sexy, more daring pieces or looks into your wardrobe? 

Thank you! Just because we're moms, doesn't mean we can't still flaunt it! My body isn't quite the same since kids, but I've embraced showing off what I feel best about it. Knowing what works best for you and what you feel most comfortable with is key to looking good in your clothing. My decolletage is something I love to show off more because I truly think it's the sexiest, but I've been insecure about my legs since having kids, so you won't see me in mini-skirts or shorts often. It's all about balance!

I don't think I have anything considered "sexy" in my wardrobe, but it's really in how you style pieces. Most people wouldn't consider a classic button down "sexy," but if you don't button it up all the way (use some Topstick/fashion tape to keep it open lower than you would normally go), tuck it in to some jeans/pants that you feel your best in, throw on a heel, toss on a leather jacket over it and throw on a bold lip and some confidence...bam! you have the sexiest date night look and it's all pieces that you probably would consider classic in your closet on their own. 


What are your favorite pieces to recommend to women who are newly moms? 

It all starts with the undergarments when you become a new mom. A lot of times we aren't comfortable in our new bodies or are waiting for the weight to drop, so if you incorporate better bras, shapewear and even underwear that make you feel your best, it makes a huge difference in how you wear your clothes. I also say it's important to invest in a couple of pieces that will get you through this time when you're transitioning in weight and lifestyle (especially in nursing). Some of the pieces I purchased after giving birth a year and a half ago, I'm still wearing all of the time and I wish I had that perspective the first time around instead of buying a lot of cheap, almost disposable pieces to get me through a few months. 


What are some items to consider to maintain the "cool" factor when entering this new life?

Anything that makes you feel like YOU before kids. I've definitely been wearing less trendy and designer pieces since having kids, but give me a killer sneaker, updated jeans, and mix with some classic, polished pieces and I feel like the coolest mom in the hood!


Style icons?

Jane Birkin, Bridgitte Bardot, Linda Rodin, Jerry Hall, The Olsen Twins and my mom


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