Rachel Rosenthal - One mother of an organizer

Rachel Rosenthal - One mother of an organizer

Meet Rachel Rosenthal, Organizing Expert & Owner of Rachel and Company. She’s the go-to expert when it comes to creating a space that’s organized and practical for your lifestyle. We all know how challenging it can be to keep ourselves organized, not to mention our families or other people! Rachel has mastered the art of organization, and her closet is no exception.


You are one mother of a...? (for example, one mother of a hustler). How'd you become that way? 

I am one mother of an organizer. Organization is a part of every aspect of my life from my personal life to my professional life and to my motherhood live. I have always been an organized person but when I became a single mother of twins I was forced to take that level of organization to another level. Not only has organization become my profession but I use it each and every day to keep our family running smoothly.

How do your organizational skills translate (or not) in motherhood?

Organization is the only way I feel like I am succeeding at motherhood. Organization allows me to know what I can control and gives my family a sense or routine. Motherhood is messy and uncontrollable at times but organization helps bring order and calm to that chaos. 

If you could take a peek into one person's closet, whose would it be, and why?

This was a hard question for me as I have actually had the chance to peek into so many closets in my line of work but if I had to choose I would say, Oprah. She has wonderful taste, she knows every designer and she has a real body. She is classy and elevated and I can only imagine how beautifully organized the space is! 

Name 2 things in your closet you can't wait to wear with your MO.

I am so excited to wear my MO with a good pair of jeans for everyday and a pencil skirt for a speaking engagement (I can’t wait for in-person events to come back). I love how adaptable it is to so many situations. I preach to my clients all the time about the importance of choosing pieces that can be worn in many different ways - closet space is valuable and adaptability is important.


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